• Established in 2012, SirSam Co. Pty Ltd is a business vehicle that does business and invests in various sectors including professional services and business advisory; mineral beneficiation/ mining and hospitality services. Initiated by Mr. Sam Maloka, a professional and development economist, Sam started the business as SirSam Trading mainly interested in farming activites that would result into extra income to add onto the normal salary that he had as an employee. After buying into a commercial property (lodge), the needs of business necessitated for Sam to consider full-time business, and leave the employee status for entrepreurship/ own business.

    Immediately upon starting privately, Sam changed SirSam Trading to SirSam Co. Pty Ltd, and also started SirSam Consulting Pty Ltd that would offer professional services utilising the advanced education - B. Comm, MDev and Masters in Business Leadership - he had acquired and still studying (MBL), to offer business advisory and consulting services targeted at SMMEs, Corporate, Government and Non-Governmental Organisations. Sam found partners and professionals who were able to team-up with him in providing these services. Having interests and passion for mining, Sam later established SirSam Minerals Pty Ltd 2016 with a team of mining experts and professionals with whom they embarked on commodity trading, the ultimate purpose being to go for mineral beneficiation and processing which is presently the core business of the entity.

    SirSam Consulting, owned 70% by SirSam Co. Pty Ltd, provide Strategy; Business optimisation and Investment/ transaction advisory, and does mentoship and coaching; business training and support, in partnership with agencies such as Small Business Development Agency (SEDA) and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) Business Support divisions. The company also work with big business that offers business incubation and Enterprise Development services to SMMEs.

    SirSam Minerals Pty Ltd, owned 51% by SirSam Co. Pty Ltd, focuses on mineral beneficiation and processing, and still has programmes of commodity trading which has become traditional in the company. A varied skills and experience of mining professionals enable the company to respond to the needs of business development and through this strength, the company also offers advisory service and support to those wiling to enter the mining sector and invest in the mining Value-Chain. Professional expertise in SirSam Minerals include qualifications and experience ranging from economists, exploration geologists, electro-technical engineers, finance (CA) and metallugists. The company has investment and market partners in the Netherlands (Holland) and Belgium (Brussels), and extension officers in Hong Kong (China) and Indonesia (Jarkata).

    SirSam Co. Pty Ltd also has an interest in the Hospitality Industry and has invested in lodge and Guest House establishment in the Limpopo Province, with potential expansion to other regions. Hospitality is seen as lucrative business in South Africa, with the country becoming a major tourist destination due its richness in sunshine, diverse and beautiful cultures making the rainbow nation, the fona en flora, intriguing wildlife, stunning scenery, and remarkable beaches making it a haven for travellers around the world.

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